"I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did as my daughter's College Coach. I have recommended your services to friends and other parents around town. Both she and I are confident that, with the guidance of yourself and your stellar team, she made the absolute best choice from the many options she had available. The price was reasonable and the results: priceless!" -- Taressa S., Parent


"Mr. Feiner played a critical role in helping me navigate the world of college admissions. He recommended numerous colleges not only based on my grades, coursework and class percentile, but also my passions, interests, and long-term professional goals. Above all, he made sure he was readily accessible to me at all times during the school year". -- Nancy S., Student


"We were especially glad to have you as Kate's counselor during the college search and application process. Your supportive, upbeat, and well-informed approach made the experience an opportunity for discovery and success rather than stress and rejection". -- Fred W., Parent


"Mr. Feiner is one of the most personal, passionate and efficient Guidance Counselors I have ever met. He always showed a genuine concern about me, not only as a student, but as a person. Without him, I do not know how my parents and I could have possibly managed the entire college application process, or emerged with satisfying results". -- Sonia T., Student


"Charles Feiner is an excellent communicator with a good sense of humor. He drew my son out, which is not always easy. Harry trusts him and was on top of the application process with Charles' counsel. The execution was smooth. Phone calls and emails were always addressed quickly. My wife and son and I are grateful to have this gentleman on the case". -- David W., Parent


"Mr. Feiner has been the guidance counselor to my twin sons. He has successfully advocated for each on a number of occasions, and in a variety of situations (some of which required considerable diplomacy and political acumen). Mr. Feiner provided solid and well-informed advice to both of my Sons during the college selection, application and decision process, and they are both pursuing higher educational options that are unique and especially well-suited to their individual needs and aspirations". -- Deborah S., Parent


"The students Chuck works with, as well as their parents, regularly praise his willingness to go above and beyond expectations to serve them. One noted that it was Chuck's "positive approach and time invested" that led to his child's success. "Quite frankly, you spoiled me," he concluded. Another stated that she "couldn't be happier with your counseling. I appreciate that when I e-mail you, you respond in a few minutes and follow up with a phone call. Even when I send an e-mail on the weekend you respond the same day." Another stated that his "open door' is truly open". -- Scott W., Supervisor


"Mr. Feiner has performed the expected services thoroughly, assiduously and sensitively. His ability to perform thus has been rooted in his command of a large and fluid body of relevent information and in his friendly and helpful disposition". -- Mark Y., Parent

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