Your Perfect College matches your student with the right college and the right financial plan. Yes, the money is out there.

Your teen is about to take the biggest step of his or her life. You can make sure that step is not a stumble. We help match them based on their needs, abilities, and interests.

So, YES there IS a (nearly) perfect school for everyone. And yes, 'your perfect college' will also find a way to identify and maximize scholarships and funding.

As former guidance counselors, the partners of the advisory service, Your Perfect College,  have been coaching kids and parents on college admission for over three decades.

We Provide:

- Free Initial Consultation

- Unlimited one on one meetings to provide timely guidance

- Unlimited e-mail and phone consultations between meetings

- Develop a list of potential colleges and universities

- Individualized analysis of students interests, abilities, needs and priorities

- Provide SAT/ACT strategies

- Give advice on extracurricular, internships, and summer programs

- Provide college-essay advice

- Exploring college majors/areas of interest

- Provide a complete plan with milestones and deadline management

- Review all application material prior to submission

- Assist in making college more affordable

We Teach:

- That there really is a school for every applicant

- There really is funding available, sometimes from surprising sources

- About how the "numbers game" unnecessarily scares away students

- How to exploit the buyers' market in college admissions

- Just how important SAT/ACT scores are to most colleges

- How to make coaching work for you in constructing the application essay

- About placing those with learning disabilities and special needs