Your Perfect College LLC, offers all inclusive packages to meet your needs:

Package #1

  • Unlimited one on one meetings to provide timely guidance and support
  • Presentation of a college planning calendar / critical milestones and dates
  • Full assessment of academic transcript, goals and objectives
  • Determine standardized testing schedule and testing preparation
  • Assist in determining college fit selection criteria
  • Construction of student resume / activity sheet
  • Identify colleges and universities for consideration
  • Prepare for college visits / interviews
  • Review applications before submission
  • Help student and family evaluate admission choices

Package #2 - All of Package #1 PLUS

  • Personalized individual essay advisory services
  • A detailed critique of individual essays
  • Unlimited revisions

Package #3 - All of Packages #1 and #2 PLUS

  • Complete and detailed information that shows parents and students how to select the right school at the right price!
  • Assistance with completing FAFSA (free application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Assistance with completing CSS Profile (College Scholarship Service Profile)

Package #4 - All of Packages #1, #2 and #3 PLUS

  • Test Preparation for SAT & ACT
  • Will take student and parents to 2 college visits (up to 90 miles)