One of the curious aspects of how colleges price their Bachelor's Degrees is that students pay different prices for the same education. Colleges essentially price themselves like airline tickets. Your Perfect College LLC works with parents and students to find the right college at the right price.

Colleges and universities do play favorites with their applicants. Working with Your Perfect College LLC, you'll enjoy a greater chance of cutting the cost of college. With this information at hand your child will be able to go to college without going into debt.

We provide information on:

  • The allure of out-of-state public universities
  • Colleges that meet 100% of financial aid
  • Understanding your EFC (expected family contribution)
  • The largest sources of college cash
  • The colleges with the best financial aid packages
  • Colleges which give the highest merit scholarships
  • Schools that don't provide merit scholarships
  • Capturing private scholarships